Earlier in May, though the Co-op store in Evesham and Pershore was stocking asparagus grown in the Vale, local people were concerned to find that their Tesco store only stocked asparagus grown in Peru.  Waitrose in Hall Green also offered nothing but Peruvian asparagus that week.

As oil prices rise and air travel is interrupted alternatives are being considered.

John Walton, a tenant farmer in Cheshire, has an open farm with an organic dairy, arable crops and a vegetable box scheme. He was stranded in Spain because of the volcanic ash clouds and wrote to the Farmers Guardian [23.4.10], reflecting:

“Seeing the chaos something like this causes, brings home how much the world relies on airspace and airfreight.

“Now that people are finding alternatives during the crisis, it might urge us all to take a large step back and reassess world logistics.

“Another good thing to come from this is, hopefully, people will increase their awareness of local produce and its importance to the economy.”