I got the little graph below from a Mark Easton BBC blog post, but felt it was worth a LWM blog post all by itself.

Graph: happiness & shorter communiting distances are closely related

Many of my friends and contacts have been forced by their large employers – service companies delivering outsourced public sector functions being a major culprit – to relocate during the week even when they have small children at home or elderly parents to care for. No-one complains about having a job in these times, but it’s another wrong of economic centralisation that families have to choose separation or losing their job, on a regular basis. The continuing outsourcing of public services into the private sector will exacerbate this except where local social enterprises are able and permitted to compete.

The ads featuring sweetly smiling four year olds and smart professional mums/dads talking on the latest videocall gadget seem to sum it up. Buy one of these and you can talk to your children…

I know I am lucky to have my refreshing two-and-a-half mile daily cycle commute.