Rebuild and rediversify sustainable local economies everywhere

In the Guardian recently Localise West Midlands’ co-founder, Colin Hines [Author, Localization: A Global Manifesto] wrote

Huge regions such as Europe, the US, China and India should reconsider their obsession with today’s environmentally and socially damaging export model, with its ruthless enforcer – the need for international competitiveness.

Instead they should see their economic future in a “look to the local” emphasis on economic activity within their own borders.

The same is true on a regional level for the rest of the world.

Activists and lateral-thinking politicians should be championing reduced international dependence on trade and instead go for a politically more popular demand for prioritising domestic production.

For the left to have a chance of regaining public support they must shift their political and economic mantra away from beggar-your-neighbour international competition to a better-your-neighbour – more internationalist – emphasis on rebuilding and rediversifying sustainable local economies everywhere.