Taking up the challenge: mapping alternatives

Have we come to a “fork in the road of life” ?

Julian Rose  writes:  

Pointing to the left is a signpost saying “Financial Security” and to the right a sign saying “Voluntary Simplicity.” Those whose priority is to preserve their wealth will take the left fork and they will put their money into gold. Those who seek to deepen their awareness and move beyond material dependency will choose the right fork. 

Work to ensure an extended contract with the dark ways of the old regime? 

Those who turn left may find themselves still in familiar territory with no lack of advisers on how to put up barriers against uncertainty and change. However this will merely ensure an extended contract with the dark ways of the old regime.  

Or work to achieve independence? 

For those who turn right will be a challenge of a very different nature: how to shift away from old material dependencies and towards a simpler and more harmonious relationship with the non material values of existence; the universal energies that are held back by materialistic indulgence. Those who take this path may wish to consider investing whatever funds they possess (individually or collectively) in some fertile land capable of producing good quality, ecological food, fuel and fibre for their daily needs. Thus taking control of their destinies and ultimately achieving independence from the clawing centralised control system which feeds upon the compliant serfdom of its participants. Read the full text here.

LWM’s co-founder Colin Hines focusses on rebuilding and rediversifying economies by addressing export dependence 

The Occupy movement could update this approach by calling for a ‘progressive protectionism’ whereby countries rebuild and rediversify their economies by limiting what finance and goods they allow to enter their borders, and in the process wean themselves off export dependence. This would allow space for domestic funding and business to meet the needs of the majority in society. Such a policy renders impotent the threat of relocation that bankers and big companies invariably invoke should any nation have the temerity to call for an end to banker’s bonuses or increased taxation of the richest 1%.  

Read more about Progressive Protectionism here.   

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