helena 1Those interested in ‘digging more deeply’ into the localisation movement are invited to make space in their calendar for a five-day Schumacher College course with Swedish-born localisation pioneer Helena Norberg-Hodge, who has worked in diverse cultures around the world and is almost uniquely able to address localisation from the perspective of both the global North and South.

We remember her organisation’s promotion – in Britain – of the ‘new’ farmers markets which she had seen working well in the United States, and other aspects of the local food movement in the early 80s. For the last few years she has been ‘spreading the word’ in Australia and America and has recently been invited to speak in China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Austria, Sweden and Turkey – at Taksim Square.

The course will examine the multiple benefits of shifting away from the corporate-led global economy, towards diverse and localised eco-economies rooted to place. It will survey many of the inspiring, community-based initiatives already underway, and consider policy-level changes needed for those initiatives to flourish and spread.

Links between the many seemingly disconnected crises we face – from global warming to financial instability, from the epidemic of depression to ethnic conflict – will be explored.

This five-day course looks at some of the most difficult questions facing the localisation movement and will include lectures, interactive discussion, documentary films, and participatory experiential exercises.


DISCOUNTS A discount is available to those working in localisation organisations and initiatives.

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