lessnet headerSteve Schofield, whose work in Bradford was covered on this blog some time ago, focusses on the real security challenge of the 21st century caused by resource depletion and climate change.

The evolution of the international system was driven by the ambitions of the larger industrial states, defined by elite, corporate groups that control central government policy and requiring access to the energy supplies, raw materials and markets  considered vital to their interests.

There will be an extremely dangerous period in which some larger states implode through social and political breakdown, experienced as the end of traditional growth paths and compounded by the use of external military power which is unable to promote real security.

Viable alternatives when the globalised economy enters its terminal phase

The economic momentum that led to the creation of larger states is being reversed and the international system will experience fundamental restructuring on a scale not seen since the early days of the industrial revolution.

It is essential to start planning now for a successful transition from imperialism to local security.

Schofield predicts that smaller countries, or autonomous regions of larger countries  will be able to provide better prospects for economic and environmental security by focusing their investment on local energy, food and other essential production.

As the crisis deepens, the UK could be the first localising state by taking steps such as:

  • ending its military subordination to the United States, closing all US bases,
  • cancelling its armament programmes for long-range power projection,
  • make substantial savings from arms expenditures to help support investment meeting local security needs for energy, food, housing and transportation.

An international system of cosmopolitan localism could emerge from this fundamental economic restructuring, holding out the prospect of resolving the new security challenges from resource depletion and climate change, while  building a long-term peace.

Read the whole article here: http://www.lessnet.co.uk/security/security1.html

Steve Schofield is ’one of the foremost experts on demilitarisation and the conversion of military resources to civilian use’, now devoting more time to community development in Bradford.