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Borroclub: sharing made easy

We’ve covered the Sharing Economy concept before on our blog. People sharing – for financial gain – the goods they have, rather than using up resources to buy their own, makes a lot of economic and environmental sense. So I was happy to discover Borroclub, a good example of a sharing economy initiative, last week whilst looking for a large gazebo for my mother’s Significant Birthday picnic. Despite it being a very new venture, they even actually had a gazebo listed already – so I’m convinced this enterprise has legs….

Borrowclub writes:

Borroclub was established after Matt, the owner, realised how many things he had accumulated in his garage that were used only once or twice a year. Meanwhile people locally were repeating the same process and he saw this as a waste of money and resources.

We have 4 clear aims for this service:

  1. Connect the community – More often than not we only know our immediate neighbours either side but by using the Borroclub service people will begin to form connections with others on the same street and neighbourhood. This could lead to alliances in other areas, e.g. to undertake litter collections or other worthwhile initiatives.
  2. Environmental benefits – Borrowing and lending will encourage reuse of items and in turn prolong their working life, reducing waste and our carbon footprint.
  3. Earnings potential for the owner – The owner of an item can receive a rental fee and monetise their idle assets.
  4. Savings potential for the borrower – Access to items rather than the need to own or the advantage of a making an informed purchase decision at a later date after ‘trying before buying’.

borroclub2Borroclub forms part of sharing economy, which is a market place where people share their idle items with strangers it could be cars, houses and household items. It also forms part of the circular economy – a movement championed by Dame Ellen MacArthur.

Matt comments “We have had many borro’s but I will always remember our first borrower, it was a chap who was keen to jet wash his patio and enjoy his garden in the good weather. He came across Borroclub when searching online to purchase a jet washer as his had just broken. He contacted the lender through the site to borrow a jet washer. For just £2 a day he was able to clean his patio in two days and saved over £100!”

Since its launch on 1st Jan 2015 Borroclub has introduced new features including taking all payments online, delivery and collection of items on behalf of the lender and borrower and the facility to take a security deposit, giving lenders extra peace of mind. We will also be launching an app very soon.

The list of items are endless it may initially be tools in your garage but it could also be a tuxedo, fascinator, fancy dress costume or some cool tech that you want to try before you buy it.

Contact details

Contact:       Matt Dredger

Tel No:    07961 078029

Email:     matt@borroclub.co.uk

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/borroclub?ref=hl

Twitter:       @borroclub
Hope it thrives!

Karen Leach

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