Join LWM’s board

Can you help us to inspire and catalyse a better economy?

LWM works towards an economy in which more people are empowered and prosperous and which uses the earth’s finite resources responsibly.

Our activities put locally owned enterprise at the forefront: we support local supply chains, independent business, community ownership. Virtuous Circle without wordsWe do this by bringing people together to explore ideas and take action, and by research and consultancy.

We are starting to think about our next two years’ activities and would love to have some new board level input to help refresh and strengthen our thinking.

Currently we are working on:

  • Helping develop local supply chains around the proposed Midland Metropolitan Hospital so that more people benefit.
  • Working with New Economics Foundation researching the inclusive economic potential of social care
  • Exploring models for local currencies and mutual credit circles with the Birmingham Pound group
  • Facilitating civil society voice on devolution for the conurbation
  • Communicating the ‘win-win’ benefits of localising prosperity to progress a more inclusive, interesting, empowering local economy
  • Developing alliances to strengthen the collective voice for a better economy in the UK.

To help us develop for the future  we’re looking for two new active, committed board members with some or all of the following qualities:

  • Commitment to the concept and values of LWM
  • The capacity to translate this commitment into deliverable, effective strategy
  • Experience of tactics and communication for effecting change
  • Knowledge of current, relevant opportunities and resources
  • Charitable funding and financial strategy expertise
  • Recent experience and contacts in West Midlands local authorities and LEP, small businesses, community activism and media.

We are also very aware that the age, ethnicity and gender profile of our board does not reflect the population of the West Midlands, and we are keen to address this in order to benefit from a wider range of perspectives and ensure we do not inadvertently exclude anyone from our group. So we  particularly welcome applications from women, younger people, and people from a variety of cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds.

Please read our Board member role description and browse our website for more information.

If you are interested:

Please email us outlining how you meet the above criteria and why you are interested in getting involved, attaching your CV. If you seem to have some of the skills we’re looking for we will be in touch to arrange a meeting.

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