re-launching the local economy?

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Three days ago as I entered a rather impressive marquee I was greeted by hundreds of councillors, businessmen and influential individuals, all buzzing about the launch of the cities new procurement website: Based upon the massively successful, the website aims to relocalise procurement by showcasing services offered by Birmingham based businesses, encouraging networking and providing ongoing support. In […]

How the banks need to be split up – and how not

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The Liberal-Conservative coalition agreement involves the setting up of a cabinet committee on Banking which will be chaired by George Osborne; and this committee will set up an independent commission to look into whether the banks need breaking up and how to do it. As the banks collapsed in 2008, I was doing some research on banking regulation for Localise […]

Will the local economy movement and the 'climate movement' converge?

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One of many organisations promoting locally based alternatives known to LWM is the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC) – a non-profit organisation, Seen today on its events site:  Will the local economy movement replace the ‘climate movement’?   Extract:  As one of the clearest voices to emerge since the inception of the climate movement, brought hard science to the masses and […]

A refreshing take on the cost of 'efficiency' – public debt as investment

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Back in November I wrote on our website about the Trades Unions Council conference I attended for LWM at which, to the frustration of the audience and speakers, the Labour minister and MP present seemed entirely unable to address the relevance of intelligent public spending (debt as investment) to alleviate recession and generate economic prosperity. As we progress towards the election, it is increasingly and depressingly clear […]

Where is Mark Kinzley now? LWM would like to hear from him.

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Some years ago, Devolve’s Mark Kinzley wrote about the devolution of the economy:   “The globalised economy is the export and import of products across the planet and between regions within the same nation-state. Its values are ‘economies of scale’ and ‘the principle of comparative advantage’: that each region should concentrate on producing those things that it is ‘best at’ and […]