Would you sign this Charter if the NFU and government rethink their GMO and food export drives?

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. The National Farmers Union is urging the public to sign its charter and help to turn around a decline in self-sufficiency from 1991, when the country produced 75% of its own food, to the current production of 62%. It states that today, August 14, is the day British food supplies would run out if everything produced in a year […]

Civil society ‘chalks up its first success’ in the Twitter Age; shades of things to come?

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Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting at the University of Essex Business School sends the news that the Twitter age is about to chalk up its first success in the grey world of corporate accounting. In an article in The Conversation, he records that – for the first time – activists have demanded and secured a standard against the wishes of the […]

West Midlands MEP advocates the ‘Green Deal’ for social housing

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In a newsletter this week (not yet available on his website) Local Euro MP Phil Bennion expresses the hope that the government’s ‘Green Deal’ will be more widely extended to help people in rented social housing: “Millions of homes in the UK do not have full double-glazing. More than half do not have enough insulation or an efficient condensing boiler. […]

Face-to-face caring and infrastructural renewal will provide the backbone for a labour-intensive future

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A Guardian article by LWM’s co-founder and convenor of the Green New Deal Group, Colin Hines, is summarised here. The neoliberal export-led growth model, the increasingly discredited single currency and the utterly unchallenged single market are wrecking Europe which is facing a real nightmare: a shrinking full-time job market and hence lack of demand to keep the economy soldiering on. […]

Green New Deal, piloted in Birmingham, now advocated Europe-wide

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The Green New Deal Group inspired Jon Morris of Localise West Midlands, a thinktank promoting local supply chains for sustainability, and Matthew Rhodes [far right] of low-carbon solutions engineering firm Encraft to present the award-winning business plan, developed and championed by Keith Budden [left] of the Birmingham Environment Partnership. This was the foundation for the City Council’s Birmingham Energy Savers […]

New video for sustainable CAP reform and food sovereignty

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LWM are a signatory to the European Food Declaration which has been promoted to guide CAP reform towards social justice and sustainability over the last year or so. The ongoing campaign is hosted at www.nyelenieurope.net, home of the European food sovereignty forum, They have produced a three minute video linked from their page on CAP reform to let people know […]

Is the free-market dream over?

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In the Guardian on Wednesday Colin Hines agreed with columnist Martin Kettle that Europe’s free-market dream is over – adding, “not before time”. He notes the crumbling of support for open borders, “with its damaging financial flows, relocation of manufacturing and destabilisingly rapid migration from east to west”, proposing “a socially cohesive, green Europe that can provide its people with a sense of […]