Join Local Futures at Earth, Culture, Economy

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25th-29th June | Schumacher College, Totnes, UK   What would the world look like if humans lived harmoniously with nature rather than creating environmental mayhem? What strategies can be employed to overcome the entrenched power of big business, big banks, and big government? We’ll dig into these questions in Earth, Culture, Economy, an open course at Schumacher College led by Helena Norberg-Hodge, […]

The launch of the International Alliance for Localization

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The new International Alliance for Localization (IAL) aims to connect a growing network of individuals and organizations dedicated to exploring new approaches to today’s ecological, social, and economic expanding international dialogue and exchange. It will provide a forum for cross-cultural support and collaboration and have the potential to be a united and powerful force for positive international change. Its alternative […]

Considering policy-level changes needed for localisation initiatives to flourish and spread

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Those interested in ‘digging more deeply’ into the localisation movement are invited to make space in their calendar for a five-day Schumacher College course with Swedish-born localisation pioneer Helena Norberg-Hodge, who has worked in diverse cultures around the world and is almost uniquely able to address localisation from the perspective of both the global North and South. We remember her […]

Building strong regional economies – Schumacher-style

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The Schumacher Center for a New Economics sends news of this year’s Left Forum annual gathering in New York, which will be exploring ways of confronting climate change and global economic crisis and creating a more equitable and ecologically resilient world. Such a world will require economic institutions which respond to local and regional needs and conditions, decentralising control of […]

Enterprise in Balsall Heath: creating opportunities at local level

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. Anna Watson’s Localise West Midlands blog about The Green Economy and Local Job Creation, reported that – as the oil supply peaks – the innovation, manufacture, marketing and repairing of products will become more economic at a local level. Small scale, sustainable employment opportunities will be created, encouraging local resourcefulness and a thriving local economy.   A set of Grade II […]

Learn more about Birmingham’s Green Commission at the Locanta on Tuesday

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  Phil Beardmore, independent consultant and member of Localise West Midlands, will introduce the discussion on the new Green Commission. Is this the means to achieve Birmingham’s ambitious energy and environmental targets? Or is it going to be another bureaucratic fudge, failing to face up to the need for decisive leadership? FOR DETAILS GO TO    –

The Hardwick Lecture Series

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“The New Resistance” As the global debt-based economy threatens to implode, our civil liberties seem to be going with it, the “Orwellian surveillance state” moving one step closer. Have we lost our power of resistance? Will apathy vanquish action? Or, can a new citizen’s movement be brought into being to counteract the slide into slavery? In the first of the […]

“2012 – Occupy Oxfordshire?”

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 The Hardwick Lecture Series    Under this provocative title, Julian Rose, who chaired the Association of Rural Businesses in Oxfordshire for a number of years, returns to give the third Hardwick lecture. He will explore the potential for a County local authority to loosen its ties with central government and form a new partnership with local residents.  Saturday 21st January […]

Local Enterprise Partnerships in the West Midlands

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Some of the coverage: March-November    LEPs and Localisation: guiding principles for local economic renewal – LWM evaluation of West Midlands LEP proposals: Supporting Local Economic Renewal for Sustainability   Enterprise Zones: David Bailey’s analysis  A proposal to put forward Birmingham city centre as the location of the Enterprise Zone John Clancy’s recommendations  The final sentence in David Bailey’s Post article […]

Awards to project champions from LWM, Encraft & the Council

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Jon Morris, Matthew Rhodes and Keith Budden, who jointly developed and promoted the innovative Birmingham Energy Savers scheme within Be Birmingham and the council right through to delivery, each received an Attwood Award on November 4th from the Lord Mayor, Len Gregory at a civic reception at the Council House. The Birmingham Energy Savers scheme, now being delivered by the City […]