A fair and sustainable local way of feeding urban communities

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Julie Brown, director of Growing Communities’, a trading and wholesaling operation, says her mission is to feed urban communities locally in a way that is fair and sustainable in the face of corporate dominance and climate change. Two of her suppliers, Martin and Sarah Mackey, grow potatoes and kale, in Kent as tenants on their holding, Ripple Farm. They sell some of […]

Time to change: Professor Lang’s challenge: embrace local sourcing

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Susan Press in the Co-operative News reports a challenge issued by Professor Tim Lang, Head of City University London’s Centre for Food Policy, to the Co-operative Group. It is time to radically change the way food is delivered and distributed to the Group’s 4,800 retail outlets: “At a time of growing interest in locally sourced food, he thinks there should […]

Farmers’ markets in India, Poland, England and America

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  . Julian Rose sends a link to a video about a new farmers’ market set up in Krakow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEd_FnoD6kU&feature=youtu.be. When questioned about the web’s reference to many farmers’ markets of long-standing in the city, Julian explained: “Most of these markets are not authentic ‘local’ suppliers and are also often fronted by middle men. Probably around half the sellers can’t […]

ChangeKitchen in Digbeth

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ChangeKitchen CIC is a social enterprise which was set up by the Birmingham charity, SIFA Fireside, using the  training and catering skills of Birgit Kehrer, the brains and the hands behind BSustained. Increasing the use of environmentally friendly, organic, local and fair trade products is a priority. Fairtrade goods such as coffee, tea, spices and sugar are supplied by Lembas […]

More localisation of food-growing, less market speculation and global trading

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Mark Coba for CNBC reports: “We have two or three times the amount of food right now that is needed to feed the number of people in the world . . . A lot of people aren’t analyzing the situation correctly. We can deal with short-term food shortages after a disaster, but fixing long term hunger gets ignored”: the words […]

Does supporting local business build resilient local economies – and a more peaceful world?

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Judy Wicks, a board member of the NEI – featured recently on this site – thinks that it does. Looking around for more information, evidence of a very adventurous and constructive life – including living with the Eskimos and working with the Zapatistas  – was easily found online. Her unusual slant on localisation was extracted from the 24th Schumacher Lecture […]

Good news: Groceries adjudicator will have power to impose fines

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Minister: “We have heard the views of the stakeholders” Also at http://fairdealfooduk.com/?p=4212 The ‘groceries adjudicator’, to be appointed next year, will be able to fine the country’s top supermarket chains if they use their dominant position to treat farmers and other suppliers unfairly. The maximum fine will be set on the recommendation of the first adjudicator, within six months of […]

A Clitheroe dairy farmer reacts to planning proposals

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  Kathleen Calvert is a campaigner for fair trade for British food producers, citizen journalist and localiser, whose family farm uses local suppliers where possible even if it is not the cheapest option. More important, they believe, is value for money and a level and quality of service essential to the smooth running of a business operating 365 days a […]