City Growth Commission hopes to enable Birmingham to succeed in the global race for urban growth

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At the end of October, a City Growth Commission – supported by Core Cities – was launched by the Royal Society (see video), aimed at recommending policies to boost economic growth and offer ideas for political parties to consider as part of their plans for the post-2015 government.   Manchester-born economist Jim O’Neill, its chair, is the retiring chairman of […]

At a time of ‘austerity’ for so many, are there more beneficial uses for taxpayers’ money than mega airports and HS2?

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In the FT today, James Skinner, chairman emeritus of the New Economics Foundation, asks fundamentally important questions about a stance often adopted by politicians with an interest in supporting multinational business. . He was prompted to do so by a recent FT editorial “A better plan for London airports”, which cited the fact that Schiphol offers more flights to China […]

Birmingham – capital of community transport?

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High Speed 2: comment received from local sustainable energy and transport  consultant   “I think that the Chambers of Commerce etc, who are backing HS2 are assuming that it will be the taxpayers who pay for this.  “They are expecting a ‘free ride’. If a bill was presented to them for the £33 billions they would react very differently.  “Businessmen work […]