A Christmas message from the Chairman of A.E. Harris in the Jewellery Quarter

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This post draws on the October and December articles in the Birmingham Post, by Russell Luckock, the chairman of AE Harris – metal pressings, fabrication and tool making.    Note part of the Harris premises is now used for music and drama: ttp://www.aeharrisvenue.co.uk/history.html  . He rightly says that the ‘shocking unemployment statistics should be concentrating Government minds’ and advocates one […]

One of the first tests for the Localism Bill?

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Today three messages were received about the large casino premises licence for a casino on land at the National Exhibition Centre, granted by Solihull Council’s Licensing Committee to Genting UK, part of a Malaysian conglomerate, which Property Week says is using its massive cash reserves to expand into Europe and America.  . “An attempt to do a Merry Hill/Dudley to […]

Local Enterprise Partnerships in the West Midlands

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Some of the coverage: March-November    LEPs and Localisation: guiding principles for local economic renewal – LWM evaluation of West Midlands LEP proposals: Supporting Local Economic Renewal for Sustainability   Enterprise Zones: David Bailey’s analysis  A proposal to put forward Birmingham city centre as the location of the Enterprise Zone John Clancy’s recommendations  The final sentence in David Bailey’s Post article […]

Occupy London’s Tent University and newspaper

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Occupy London is organising seminars as well as having informal exchanges with anyone who wants to put forward news or a point of view. Feedback is coming in from a few colleagues – as one wrote:  “Given the mess things are in, it seems absurd to expect a simple set of demands that could put it all right. Instead, OccupyLondon […]

Wholesale Markets could support 15,000 jobs in Wider Economy

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More clearly expressed wisdom and informed commonsense from economist David Bailey  For some background on the Markets, look at his last column in The Post which can be found here. A few points made:  One way of saving – let alone creating – several thousand jobs is for the LEP, and in particular Birmingham City Council, to recognise that Birmingham […]

A 24% rise in ‘member owned’ energy co-operatives, 2007-2011

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News from Pat Conaty, LWM’s co-founder:  It seems that the UK population is taking energy into its own hands, with a 24% rise in the number of ‘member owned’ energy co-operatives in the last four years.  The new figures from Co-operatives UK, the national trade association for co-operative enterprises which works to promote, develop and unite co-operative enterprises, show that […]

Taking up the challenge: mapping alternatives

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Have we come to a “fork in the road of life” ? Julian Rose  writes:   Pointing to the left is a signpost saying “Financial Security” and to the right a sign saying “Voluntary Simplicity.” Those whose priority is to preserve their wealth will take the left fork and they will put their money into gold. Those who seek to deepen […]

Towards a co-operative future?

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Source: a message from America’s New Economics Institute, ‘working across the spectrum to realize our vision for a democratic, sustainable economy’ In June 2011 one of their directors, Gar Alperovitz, wrote: ‘as citizen uprisings from Tunisia to Madison remind us, judgments that serious change cannot take place often miss the quiet buildup of potentially explosive underlying currents. There are reasons […]

Four steps to self-reliance

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The author of ‘The Growth Illusion’, Richard Douthwaite, lists four basic steps to self-reliance – the fourth being the production of the area’s basic food and clothing requirements without the use of inputs from outside:  “. . . every community should use part of its agricultural resource to produce fibres to turn into garments.”  Louisa Radice urged the fashion industry […]

A Clitheroe dairy farmer reacts to planning proposals

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  Kathleen Calvert is a campaigner for fair trade for British food producers, citizen journalist and localiser, whose family farm uses local suppliers where possible even if it is not the cheapest option. More important, they believe, is value for money and a level and quality of service essential to the smooth running of a business operating 365 days a […]