Greater…. – a role model for Birmingham ?

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Cities offering themselves as sites for foreign manufacturing companies to make and sell into  their national market can be found all over the world today. A hundred years ago only one city was systematically doing this in Europe. But far from being a road to prosperity, that city was not one of the few that can claim to have avoided […]

Enterprise in Balsall Heath: creating opportunities at local level

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. Anna Watson’s Localise West Midlands blog about The Green Economy and Local Job Creation, reported that – as the oil supply peaks – the innovation, manufacture, marketing and repairing of products will become more economic at a local level. Small scale, sustainable employment opportunities will be created, encouraging local resourcefulness and a thriving local economy.   A set of Grade II […]

Four steps to self-reliance

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The author of ‘The Growth Illusion’, Richard Douthwaite, lists four basic steps to self-reliance – the fourth being the production of the area’s basic food and clothing requirements without the use of inputs from outside:  “. . . every community should use part of its agricultural resource to produce fibres to turn into garments.”  Louisa Radice urged the fashion industry […]