Localise – in New Zealand

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Localise  is about sharing ideas, networking creative visionaries, resourcing, providing tools and bringing people together in a collaborative way for the betterment of our community – specifically here in Northland, Aotearoa New Zealand.  We are trying to achieve community well-being – a combination of economic, social and spiritual factors. A strong social fabric based around shared values and joint responsibility lies at the […]

Local development as a strategic alternative in Fife

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Once again many will question the dependence on a global market economy as headlines shout, “China’s ‘Black Monday’ sends markets reeling”. For months, in a range of publications, Mohamed El-Erian, who chairs President Obama’s Global Development Council, has been forecasting the risk of a ‘perfect storm’, adding that considering ‘its destructive potential, it warrants serious attention by policymakers’, though China […]

Transition town focus

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A transition town is a grassroots community project that seeks to build resilience in the face of peak oil, climate destruction and economic instability. Local projects are usually based on the model’s 12 ‘ingredients’. The first initiative to use the name was Transition Town Totnes, founded in 2006. Between late 2006 and early 2007 the Transition Network was founded as […]

A message from Delhi about growth blindness: a manufactured disease

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An economic system created by and for moneyed interests: Analyst Devinder Sharma writes about universities, educational institutes and business schools which are churning out graduates and postgraduates who are made to believe in the magic potion of growth. Newspapers are full of reports and quotes about growth. Finance ministers everywhere in the world swear by economic growth. TV anchors, most […]

Community currencies

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There are local or community currencies in several British towns, including Bath, Stroud, Totnes, Calderdale, Bristol and Brixton – and in many countries around the world. The most recent reports have come from India and South Africa. Jeremy Williams writes that with the financial system in disarray and the economic downturn, local currencies come into their own: “They are counter-cyclical: […]

Our current economic predicament defined and the MCED way forward highlighted

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  Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement, quotes a brief but pointed analysis from a new report by Dr Tim Morgan called ‘The Perfect Storm: energy, finance and the end of growth‘, published by FTSE 250 company Tullett Prebon, saying: “It’s stirring stuff.  His analysis of why we have ended up in our current economic predicament runs thus: He […]

The Resilience imperative – Cooperative Transitions to a Steady State Economy

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Localise West Midland’s co-founder, Patrick Conaty, has just published a book co-authored with Mike Lewis: The Resilience imperative – Cooperative Transitions to a Steady State Economy. It examines many elements of a resilient local economy, collating and critiquing many examples of how this has been achieved all over the world over the last 150 years. The term ‘resilience ‘ is […]

Establishing the Potential of a Transition Enterprise Economy in Herefordshire

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Last Thursday I attended a meeting at the Hereford Cider Museum to discuss the work which Nick Sherwood and colleagues from Herefordshire Transition Network are doing on developing ‘a thriving, resilient Herefordshire economy’ that is capable of meeting ‘the challenges of climate change, energy security and economic uncertainty’. They are working with a range of people and organisations across the […]