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LWM consultancy

LWM Consultancy is the research and consultancy arm of Localise West Midlands. LWM has been promoting decentralisation and localisation for almost a decade across the region and beyond.

We work with a wide range of clients and partners from small community groups through to Local Authorities and various national bodies. To undertake this work, LWM has assembled a team of experienced and committed associates with in-depth knowledge of this expanding field of interest.

LWM Consultancy carries out a wide range of work to help clients to maximise the local economic and social benefit of their activities and to minimise environmental costs.   We advise on strategic approaches to localisation and we develop strategic plans and programmes; we carry out detailed studies on specific aspects of localisation; we work with local communities to develop local plans and projects; and we research and develop new delivery models.

We can offer support to organisations wanting to sign up to the Birmingham Business Charter. Click here for more information.

We also have a specific consultancy offer in helping organisations to meet ISO 140001 standards in order to increase their sustainability and business opportunities. If this is of interest please get in touch to discuss further.

LWM Consultancy uses a variety of methods and techniques in its work. Our consultants have considerable experience of social research, project planning and implementation. But in keeping with our commitment to localism, we always work in an open, interactive and collaborative way that is designed to fully engage our clients in the work. We aim to deliver outcomes that will enable clients to make progress in an informed and purposeful way.

To find out more, please contact LWM coordinator Karen Leach:

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Why Choose LWM Consultancy Services?

1. Driven by Our Values


LWM is a not-for-profit thinktank, campaign group and consultancy that is committed to the localisation of social and economic activity and which promotes local community based solutions. This commitment lies at the heart of our work. At the same time we recognise that every situation requires a response that fully reflects local needs and priorities.

2. An Experienced and Committed Team


LWM consultants bring an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience to our work. They have pursued successful careers in the public, private and third sectors and they draw on this in working with LWM.  We have a growing team of self employed associates who all operate within an agreed code of conduct. This means that we can identify those people who are best suited to different projects and we can ensure consistent standards of work and delivery.

3. Innovative, Flexible and On Time


LWM consultants take a fresh approach to each piece of work; an approach that is informed by experience but which is informed by new ways of thinking and new ways of doing. We work in an interactive way, shaping and developing the work as it progresses and ensuring that the final product meets the clients needs and deadlines.