Food and Our Future in the West Midlands

Localise WM were pleased to be a partner in the event below on the important issue of food poverty and access – with the Lunar Society, Birmingham Leadership Foundation, Midland Heart and Nishkam Centre.

Read the event report here or Karen Leach’s blog post here.

Food and our Future in the West Midlands

Panel Discussion

Wednesday 14th May 2014

Why are we seeing a growth in the number of food banks and the numbers who depend upon them across the West Midlands region at the same time as we face a growing obesity epidemic, much of it within our younger population? What do we actually know about the extent of these issues and their causes? What can we do locally to mitigate negative consequences and what local, national and international trends do we have to consider in the short, medium and long term?

These are questions that where addressed at an event jointly organised by the Lunar Society, Localise WM, Birmingham Leadership Foundation, Midland Heart and the Nishkam Centre, to stimulate debate on the importance of issues related to food to the future of the West Midlands region, its people and its businesses.

Developments in the production, distribution and consumption of food will have profound consequences for our future lives. As well as the food poverty, access and health issues, which were covered by this event, they also impact on our environment, on climate change (and vice-versa) and on our confidence that we know what we are eating.

As citizens and in our work lives we need to develop our understanding of the international, national and local dynamics of food supply and demand, of the infrastructure of food production and distribution, and of our ability to access food to enable healthy lifestyles. We need to debate the impact of these on our current and future lives, and agree what action is needed by whom to offset negative impacts and encourage positive ones.

Event Speakers:

– Chris Mould, Executive Chairman of the Trussell Trust that operates almost 400 food banks across the country.

– Adrian Phillips, Director of Public Health, Birmingham City Council

– Professor Liz Dowler, Professor of Food and Social Policy at Warwick University and a trustee of the Food Ethics Council


Nishkam Centre – 6 Soho Road