Mainstreaming CED reports

The following reports and briefings have been generated from the MCED research project:  (see also responses and articles)

Mainstreaming Community Economic Development (Jan 2013) full report (pdf)

Mainstreaming Community Economic Development summary version (pdf)

MCED literature review (Jan 2013) how CED and localised approaches serve socio-economic objectives such as inclusion, income equality, economic diversity and local distinctiveness (pdf) and its summary (pdf).

MCED Access to Finance briefing: the financial context for CED, opportunities for local finance and more accessible finance for community-scale enterprise (psf)

MCED Infographic – key facts, figures and concepts

Appendices to the main report:

Appendix 1: Literature review (as above)
Appendix 2: Access to Finance report (as above)
Appendix 3: Interview framework
Appendix 4: Case studies
Appendix 5: Workshop information
Appendix 6: Glossary and abbreviations
– Appendix 7: Acknowledgements

Contact us if you would like any of the reports in Word or OpenOffice format.

Other briefings and articles produced during the MCED project

Briefing produced on request for Birmingham City Council on  how a CED approach might look in Birmingham, and its accompanying good practice signposter.

LWM draft response to the Birmingham Social Inclusion Process consultation paper (Oct 2012)

Briefing produced for the Inclusive Economy group of Birmingham’s Social Inclusion Process

Responses to and articles on MCED

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