Time Banks summary

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Assembled because of the 15th October, Public Timebanking event in Birmingham The world’s first time bank is said to have been established in 1973 by a Japanese woman. The benefits that older time bank members derived included formation of new friendship networks to replace those lost by retirement and the chance to use old skills and learn new ones. Time […]

Future Governance for the West Midlands – a workshop: 24th March 2015

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At the UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM Please email to book a place.  This workshop is organised by the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies at Birmingham University in conjunction with the Futures Network West Midlands and Localise West Midlands. The workshop contributes to the debate about future patterns of governance in the UK and the pattern that best suits the West […]

Adam Smith’s invisible hand and visible hands in Birmingham

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Birmingham has long been a city with some of the highest levels of deprivation in western Europe, living with fears for the future as the loss of big manufacturing becomes apparently permanent. However, within living memory the city became the UK’s second city, and achieved an economic peak during the 1920s and 1930s – times that for Manchester and most […]

Birmingham’s budget dilemmas: defences against the vandalism of austerity

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I’m just looking at the Birmingham City Council service reviews and budget consultation to make Localise West Midlands’ response – emphasising ways in which the Council can maximise local multiplier to reduce its whole system costs. As a citizen it’s incredibly frustrating to see the city forced into making such ridiculous choices. In my own area the likely closure of […]

Public meeting – future of the markets

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As part of the SAVE OUR MARKETS campaign a public meeting is being held by the market campaign in St. Martin’s Church (in the Bullring) on Friday 14th October at 2pm – 4pm. Carl Chinn, local historian and newspaper columnist will be talking on the history of the markets and how important they have been and are to Birmingham’s communities. […]