Sheffield and Balsall Heath: the real march of the makers

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The observations of Julian Dobson (Living With Rats blogspot @juliandobson), strike a welcome and hopeful chord after reading the dismal question: “Will Chancellor Osborne cripple the ‘makers’?” A search revealed JD’s substantial localist credentials – as director of Urban Pollinators, which helps to make sense of regeneration and the editorial director of New Start, the national magazine for regeneration practitioners. […]

Alternative inflation report – why regional inflation alerts matter

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Had Lawson even had an experimental inflation index for even one of the regions or nations of the UK, he would have served the interests of our UK economies better than any shadowing of the D-Mark could have done. Gordon Brown could also have avoided the boom and bust too, had he had regional inflation indices alongside the national one. Both booms could have been reined in before they both led to the crises that squeezed our manufacturing industries so badly in recent decades.