International Alliance for Localization: Local Futures

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In the Times, Ed Conway, economics editor of Sky News, describes problems arising from the complexity of globalisation, ‘the hallmark of 21st-century life’ and the International Alliance for Localization records examples of new modes of development and progress. He concludes: “Globalisation, once a means of boosting everyone’s income, has instead evolved into an excellent vehicle to help the rich get richer”. […]

A lesson for Britain: Brazil promotes food security and local food procurement, strengthening family farming

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Vested interests replacing the now defunct Flying Matters, a lobby group funded by the aviation industry, vigorously defend the profitable import of food from countries with malnourished people. A better way forward, socially, economically and environmentally is offered by the Director General of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, Jose Graziano da Silva (Extraordinary Minister for Food Security), one of […]

‘Local Liquidity: From Ineffective Demand to Community Currencies’

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Dr Molly Scott Cato opens her Green House paper, which may be downloaded here, by asking how our ongoing financial and economic crisis is to be understood and resolved. The mainstream view is that we need economic growth – and austerity – because of the vast government deficit and stagnant economy. Others say that we must invest and borrow more […]

Some countries are weaning themselves off their export dependence – should we?

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LWM’s co-founder Colin Hines writes, “The old idea was that we can compete in export markets to strengthen our economy. That increasingly looks like clutching at straws”. Barriers to destructive flows of capital In developing countries barriers to destructive flows of capital are being erected. Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica have used various measures, including Brazil’s insistence that short-term investors […]