Co-operative stores could sell good quality food produced on its farms by workers on decent terms and conditions

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Molly Scott Cato* writes: Comments from the Co-operative Group that the Co-operative Farms are a ‘non-core’ part of the business, suggests that the current generation of co-operative managers have a short-sighted view about their role in providing customers access to a reliable source of ‘good food’. In my 2010 paper, ‘The co-operative path to food security, I pointed to the […]

Time to change: Professor Lang’s challenge: embrace local sourcing

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Susan Press in the Co-operative News reports a challenge issued by Professor Tim Lang, Head of City University London’s Centre for Food Policy, to the Co-operative Group. It is time to radically change the way food is delivered and distributed to the Group’s 4,800 retail outlets: “At a time of growing interest in locally sourced food, he thinks there should […]