Face-to-face caring and infrastructural renewal will provide the backbone for a labour-intensive future

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A Guardian article by LWM’s co-founder and convenor of the Green New Deal Group, Colin Hines, is summarised here. The neoliberal export-led growth model, the increasingly discredited single currency and the utterly unchallenged single market are wrecking Europe which is facing a real nightmare: a shrinking full-time job market and hence lack of demand to keep the economy soldiering on. […]

Achieving food security by relocalisation and building up the resilience of our agricultural resources – three voices

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At a meeting of Hadlow College’s Rural Focus Group, their Sustainability Champion, Dr Howard Lee, noted that DEFRA is committed to food security in principle but not to food self-sufficiency. The strategic contradiction is that succeeding governments have preferred to promote the export of agricultural and horticultural commodities. Coventry University’s Dr Julia Wright recommends building up the resilience of our […]

Some countries are weaning themselves off their export dependence – should we?

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LWM’s co-founder Colin Hines writes, “The old idea was that we can compete in export markets to strengthen our economy. That increasingly looks like clutching at straws”. Barriers to destructive flows of capital In developing countries barriers to destructive flows of capital are being erected. Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica have used various measures, including Brazil’s insistence that short-term investors […]

Green New Deal, piloted in Birmingham, now advocated Europe-wide

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The Green New Deal Group inspired Jon Morris of Localise West Midlands, a thinktank promoting local supply chains for sustainability, and Matthew Rhodes [far right] of low-carbon solutions engineering firm Encraft to present the award-winning business plan, developed and championed by Keith Budden [left] of the Birmingham Environment Partnership. This was the foundation for the City Council’s Birmingham Energy Savers […]