Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Lucas Plan on 26th Nov!

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Veteran trade unionists and younger activists see Nobel prize-nominated plan as inspiration for the future Leading figures from the left, trade union, environmental and peace movements are coming together at a conference on November 26th with a fresh perspective on tackling current crises, using the ideas of socially useful production pioneered in the Lucas Plan. The Plan, produced by workers […]

A call for a locally-focused approach, integrated with conventional economic development

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In a letter to the Observer, George Morran, who has a wealth of experience in local government, wrote: the case for a new approach to manufacturing (Observer, Business Sunday 29th December) needs to be taken further. The Observer article issued ‘a big challenge, but one that must be met’: “Britain must look beyond London, put faith in manufacturing and redress […]

Continuing the good work on mainstreaming stronger & more inclusive local economies

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I’m pleased to report that Localise WM has secured funding from the Barrow Cadbury Trust for 2013-14 to progress our work on Mainstreaming Community Economic Development. You may be aware of our previous Mainstreaming CED project, which amassed a remarkable body of evidence around the social and economic benefits of localised economies (see our literature review or its summary) and […]

GBS LEP’s spatial framework: democracy, nongrowth sectors and getting localisation out of its little box

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I was at the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership consultation event on their spatial framework this morning. A few thoughts: – During discussion on our table, someone pointed at me and said “and then your community economic development stuff fits into this little box here”. It dawned on me then that the name of our project – Mainstreaming […]

Birmingham’s wholesale markets – a partnership of inclusive local enterprise

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It is vital to Birmingham’s independent food supply chains that Birmingham wholesale markets remain at their central site, neighbouring the retail markets, and being central for their diversity of customers and employees. Despite a much-publicised Council recommendation to stop investigating solutions for the markets remaining on their current site, there is still a hope of this happening – an opportunity […]

Our current economic predicament defined and the MCED way forward highlighted

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  Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement, quotes a brief but pointed analysis from a new report by Dr Tim Morgan called ‘The Perfect Storm: energy, finance and the end of growth‘, published by FTSE 250 company Tullett Prebon, saying: “It’s stirring stuff.  His analysis of why we have ended up in our current economic predicament runs thus: He […]

Localised economies “more successful and inclusive”

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PRESS RELEASE          21 Feb 2013                                           NO EMBARGO   Localised economies “more successful and inclusive” Research shows that areas with higher levels of locally owned business enjoy better economies and strong communities. A new report[i] from a leading Birmingham-based think-tank, funded by Barrow Cadbury Trust[ii], explored the benefits of a strategic approach to community-orientated economic development, and has significant findings to help […]

lessons from Cleveland’s Evergreen Co-operatives – open meeting 26 Feb

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From what I’ve heard about the Evergreen Co-ops this will be a really interesting event for anyone interested in practical steps towards a more just and sustainable economy. I’ll certainly be there. Karen The Birmingham Co-operative Party invites you to an open meeting: Re-building local economies: Learning lessons from the Evergreen Co-operatives in Cleveland Ohio One of the worrying trends […]

Wind energy and justice for disadvantaged communities

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The last copy of the NATTA newsletter reported that the Joseph Rowntree Trust has published ‘Wind energy and justice for disadvantaged communities’, which appears to resonate with LWM’s MCED research project. NATTA Review This study, Wind energy and justice for disadvantaged communities, examines how commercial, large-scale schemes can be more embedded in their locality It calls on developers to directly […]

Buoyed by a positive attitude to a socially inclusive economy in Birmingham

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Some very quick thoughts picking up on earlier tweets on today’s Social Inclusion Process Be Birmingham summit: quick because it’s officially my day off and I want to go and tend the rain-battered swamp that passes for our garden in this particular ‘summer’. Having spent the last two summits concerned that the social inclusion process might just be churning out […]