Could Brummie bonds fund house building?

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City councillor John Clancy, who once worked in the venture capital market, explains in a Chamberlain Files article,  [accessed via the Brummie], that  ‘Brummie bonds’ can provide much needed investment and kick-start building by local councils and housing associations across Birmingham. Some readers will remember that the Brummie Bonds concept was incorporated in the 2003 People’s Pensions Proposal, informally presented […]

Are corporate ‘Big Fish’ swallowing opportunities for the city’s SMEs?

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Summarising Cllr. John Clancy’s message: West Midlands small and medium sized businesses believe they could provide services better than companies like Capita, Serco, Amey and G4, but are effectively locked out of negotiations for contracts which could engender vitality and activity in local economies. These large companies are often the only ones that can afford the staff time and expense […]