The ‘GDP fetish’

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The FT’s Janan Ganesh recently ‘dismissed the Green Party as hippy eccentrics for, among other things, contemplating zero per cent gross domestic product growth’. Cardiff author Don Cropper counters: “In this respect, the Greens are only as eccentric as the boy who pointed out the problem with the Emperor’s new clothes”. He explains: “GDP growth broadly equates to a growing […]

Localise Birmingham? A lead from India

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The sheer size of the city was brought home to the writer who accidentally travelled the 49’s circuitous bus route which crossed many city wards. With the exception of glossy Longbridge – a ‘revolution in regeneration’ – it was clear that there was a great deal to be done in several rather neglected and dismal wards, but that the indebted […]

A message from Delhi about growth blindness: a manufactured disease

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An economic system created by and for moneyed interests: Analyst Devinder Sharma writes about universities, educational institutes and business schools which are churning out graduates and postgraduates who are made to believe in the magic potion of growth. Newspapers are full of reports and quotes about growth. Finance ministers everywhere in the world swear by economic growth. TV anchors, most […]

Farmers’ markets in India, Poland, England and America

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  . Julian Rose sends a link to a video about a new farmers’ market set up in Krakow: When questioned about the web’s reference to many farmers’ markets of long-standing in the city, Julian explained: “Most of these markets are not authentic ‘local’ suppliers and are also often fronted by middle men. Probably around half the sellers can’t […]

’New’ weather demands a new politics – and economics?

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“Isn’t it time to rethink our international trade policies?” asks New Delhi agricultural scientist and trade policy analyst Devinder Sharma today, just before a powerful summary of the crucial importance of a healthy environment to the global economy on Radio 4 this morning by Tony Juniper and complementing a recent article by George Monbiot. Creating and popularising local markets: the […]