A message from Delhi about growth blindness: a manufactured disease

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An economic system created by and for moneyed interests: Analyst Devinder Sharma writes about universities, educational institutes and business schools which are churning out graduates and postgraduates who are made to believe in the magic potion of growth. Newspapers are full of reports and quotes about growth. Finance ministers everywhere in the world swear by economic growth. TV anchors, most […]

Our political leaders and mainstream economists should learn from Sonia Gandhi and Amartya Sen

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On 19th December, James Lamont in New Delhi, who writes for the Financial Times, reported that Sonia Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress Party, said “graft and greed” were rising and that India’s economic growth is coming at the price of a “shrinking moral universe”.  Mrs. Gandhi intervened after scandals in the sporting, telecoms and property sectors: “Let us […]