Time to change: Professor Lang’s challenge: embrace local sourcing

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Susan Press in the Co-operative News reports a challenge issued by Professor Tim Lang, Head of City University London’s Centre for Food Policy, to the Co-operative Group. It is time to radically change the way food is delivered and distributed to the Group’s 4,800 retail outlets: “At a time of growing interest in locally sourced food, he thinks there should […]

In the best farmers’ markets provenance is closely scrutinised

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Gerb Gerbrands, who founded the flourishing farmers’ market with Clare Honeyfield (Made In Stroud shop) in 1999, wrote in the Stroud News and Journal about the difference between farmers’ market stallholders and those at ‘ordinary’ markets. He receives applications from potential stall-holders a who are asked to fill in a form which states: “If products are made with bought-in ingredients, […]

The advantages of a regional food supply chain, advocated in the light of the discovery of toxic phenylbutazone residues

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. As a search of medical abstracts reveals advice that there should be zero tolerance of bute residues, the 2002 Look to the Local report by former MEP Caroline Lucas, LWM co-founder Colin Hines and beef farmer Michael Hart (opposite) comes to mind. It deplores farmers turning to export meat because supermarkets buy cheaper meat from countries with low wages, […]

’New’ weather demands a new politics – and economics?

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“Isn’t it time to rethink our international trade policies?” asks New Delhi agricultural scientist and trade policy analyst Devinder Sharma today, just before a powerful summary of the crucial importance of a healthy environment to the global economy on Radio 4 this morning by Tony Juniper and complementing a recent article by George Monbiot. Creating and popularising local markets: the […]