Three vital advantages of municipal utilities

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Bob Massie of America’s New Economics Institute sent news today that voters in Boulder, Colorado, have ended their relationship with Xcel Energy, a utility with $10.7 billion in revenues, clearing the way for the city to form its own municipal utility that would lower rates and make greater use of renewable energy. The city’s ‘multiple pleas’ for more clean wind […]

Energy security, using devices manufactured in this country

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Professor John A. Mathews’ areas of expertise include semiconductors, flat panel displays and new energy industries, solar photovoltaics and LEDs. He wrote in the Financial Times: “A quite different version of “energy security” involves reliance on the power generated by renewable devices – wind turbines, solar cells – that are manufactured in the country itself. “What you make is yours, […]

Doctor prescribes localisation

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. Dr Mansfield, after surveying Macmillan Support’s analysis, continues: Macmillan’s spokesperson acknowledges that cancer survivors are usually weakened in some way by the treatment. This is likely to make them more vulnerable to the other kinds of disease which will eventually carry them off. But not before yet more medical services and long-term support. And most of the half of […]