International Alliance for Localization: update

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In December 2015 this blog reported Local Futures’ 2014 launch of a cross-cultural, North-South network of thinkers, activists and NGOs – the International Alliance for Localization (IAL) – with members from over 30 countries who meet online and/or in person – a few pictured below. Localise West Midlands later became one of the member organisations. Last July’s LWM blog – […]

‘Local Liquidity: From Ineffective Demand to Community Currencies’

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Dr Molly Scott Cato opens her Green House paper, which may be downloaded here, by asking how our ongoing financial and economic crisis is to be understood and resolved. The mainstream view is that we need economic growth – and austerity – because of the vast government deficit and stagnant economy. Others say that we must invest and borrow more […]

Localisation: local government listens to citizens and neighbours – in Japan

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A week after Japan switched off its last nuclear power plant in response to the disaster in Fukushima, the rural town council of Oi approved the restart of two reactors under its jurisdiction. Oi is heavily dependent on the taxes, jobs and subsidies that the industry provides. “A prolonged shutdown would diminish tax revenues and impact the local economy,” Japanese […]