Exploring the systems by which we organise our livelihoods

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    In this Barrow Cadbury Trust blog, the co-ordinator of Localise West Midlands gives feedback on the opportunity to research the assumption at the heart of Localise West Midlands’ mission offered by the Trust. The assumption is: “. . .that in a more localised economy, more people have a stake, which redistributes economic power and resilience, reducing disconnection and […]

“Humanity is conducting a huge, uncontrolled and almost certainly irreversible climate experiment with the only home it is likely to have”: Financial Times

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We summarise the thoughts of Martin Wolf, the FT’s chief economics commentator here, because Localise West Midlands’ aims and policies are designed with his ‘politically sellable vision of a prosperous low-carbon economy’ in mind. He wrote, yesterday: “Last week the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was reported to have passed 400 parts per million for the first time […]

Our current economic predicament defined and the MCED way forward highlighted

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  Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement, quotes a brief but pointed analysis from a new report by Dr Tim Morgan called ‘The Perfect Storm: energy, finance and the end of growth‘, published by FTSE 250 company Tullett Prebon, saying: “It’s stirring stuff.  His analysis of why we have ended up in our current economic predicament runs thus: He […]

West Midlands MEP advocates the ‘Green Deal’ for social housing

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In a newsletter this week (not yet available on his website) Local Euro MP Phil Bennion expresses the hope that the government’s ‘Green Deal’ will be more widely extended to help people in rented social housing: “Millions of homes in the UK do not have full double-glazing. More than half do not have enough insulation or an efficient condensing boiler. […]

LWM and others in the region want to know more about locally based SMEs

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  Localise West Midlands argues that small and medium locally based businesses, including those who may be part of a larger national franchise, have a greater ‘local multiplier effect’ on local communities, increasing the community’s prosperity directly, as well as creating comparatively high numbers of jobs. LWM finds that SMEs: are more likely to feel a sense of allegiance to […]

Learn more about Birmingham’s Green Commission at the Locanta on Tuesday

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  Phil Beardmore, independent consultant and member of Localise West Midlands, will introduce the discussion on the new Green Commission. Is this the means to achieve Birmingham’s ambitious energy and environmental targets? Or is it going to be another bureaucratic fudge, failing to face up to the need for decisive leadership? FOR DETAILS GO TO  http://ourbirmingham.org/?p=2687    

Alternative inflation report – or what Mervyn King does not mention

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Rather than inflation in the UK being the result of a series of one-off occurances as Mervyn King insists, perhaps we are heading for a new world-wide era of Austerity. With inflation rather than deflation being the main global issue. What we have been promoting as our Regional Prosperity and Inflation Framework, might well have to serve as an ‘Austerity & Inflation’ Framework.

The Green Economy and Local Job Creation

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On July 12th our latest speaker meeting sparked a lively discussion on green jobs in the West Midlands- Where will they come from? Who will they employ? And how they will shape the future economy? Keith Budden, manager of Be Birmingham’s Environmental Partnership, kicked the evening off with a short presentation, outlining the potential to create 1.5 million jobs in […]

Alternative inflation report – Living standards in the West Midlands

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None of our current inflation indices register the unique house price inflation the UK has had. Had they done so in any manner comparable to Germany and the US, there would have been far higher inflation registered across the UK under New Labour. Looking at housing affordability indices gives us some idea of the seriousness of the real inflation being missed. And an index that shows this up region by region would show a revealing story for the West Midlands. We show what it would reveal.