Alternative inflation report – or what Mervyn King does not mention

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Rather than inflation in the UK being the result of a series of one-off occurances as Mervyn King insists, perhaps we are heading for a new world-wide era of Austerity. With inflation rather than deflation being the main global issue. What we have been promoting as our Regional Prosperity and Inflation Framework, might well have to serve as an ‘Austerity & Inflation’ Framework.

Alternative inflation report – Living standards in the West Midlands

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None of our current inflation indices register the unique house price inflation the UK has had. Had they done so in any manner comparable to Germany and the US, there would have been far higher inflation registered across the UK under New Labour. Looking at housing affordability indices gives us some idea of the seriousness of the real inflation being missed. And an index that shows this up region by region would show a revealing story for the West Midlands. We show what it would reveal.

The market is in control, not the politicians

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On the Today programme this morning, Terry Smith, chief executive of the City broker Tullett Prebon, was brought in to explain how the markets would be likely to react to a Labour/Libdem coalition. It is noticeable that the BBC is thoroughly incapable of challenging spokespeople from the City in the way that they would challenge a politician. Smith said “thing they […]