Are the region’s schools and hospitals sourcing food locally?

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BBC Scotland made freedom of information requests to all 32 Scottish councils about the sourcing of food products bought last year. Despite campaigns by the Scottish Government to buy local produce. Of the 28 authorities which responded, it was found £1.3 million was spent on chicken products from Thailand, more than £125,000 on carrots from Belgium, £125,000 on mashed potato […]

Creative devolution: Scottish government commissions review of its town centres

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Some of the recommendations made by the panel of the National Review of Town Centres, which was chaired by architect Malcolm Fraser and included business figures and public bodies are: A “town centre first” principle whereby public bodies will consider how they can support town centres before considering development elsewhere. Working with housing providers to bring empty town centre properties […]

George Morran: Why Regional Government?

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  George Morran, LWM’s vice-chairman, writes: Devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has brought greater proximity and therefore ownership of decision-making to those communities. Increasingly different approaches to public policy have developed, reflecting local circumstances and aspirations, rather than Westminster and Whitehall’s one approach fits all – in particular the interests of those in London and the south east. […]

Many Scots want more localised power

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The headline, a reflection indirectly related to the dialogue called for in the last blog, was given to a letter from Patrick Grant, a Scottish businessman, published in the Financial Times. He wrote: “. . . Globalisation has created enormous polarisation in society and the economy. “A predominance of large corporate incumbents, coupled with over-centralised government (largely based in the […]

Growing local willow to heat local houses and businesses: good – or not?

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Gordon Davidson reported last week on the Hill of Banchory project – the largest community scale biomass district heating scheme in Scotland, which will now provide renewable heating and hot water to 102 homes and the Banchory Business Park. Eventually it will supply more than 600 homes and businesses, including a leisure centre, swimming pool, care home and hotel. Renewable […]