Birmingham – capital of community transport?

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High Speed 2: comment received from local sustainable energy and transport  consultant   “I think that the Chambers of Commerce etc, who are backing HS2 are assuming that it will be the taxpayers who pay for this.  “They are expecting a ‘free ride’. If a bill was presented to them for the £33 billions they would react very differently.  “Businessmen work […]

High Speed Rail 2

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There are many troubling aspects of the High Speed Rail 2 proposal, now the subject of a public consultation. Hundreds of thousands of people oppose it and many are deeply saddened and angered. This project would cause cruel disruption to lives, the loss of much-needed fertile land and a huge overall environmental impact due to the mining and processing of the materials needed for […]

Today the forests, tomorrow high speed rail 2?

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Some of the negative trends reported in the manufacturing and resources section of LWM’s overview, Extending Localisation, focus on transport:  The region has over many years lost the capacity to service its own needs. For example there is a huge investment required to modernise the region’s public transport especially rail based infrastructure. Previously the region had all the requirements to […]