A strategic alternative: localised and labour-intensive food production

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LWM’s co-founder Colin Hines, in his latest book, Progressive Protectionism, asks: “In a sustainable system, would not each country aim to produce its own staple food? Surpluses and exotics could be exported, speculation in food by unproductive middlemen would be outlawed and vitally important food producers encouraged at every turn”. He notes that at present, the UK feeds only around […]

The advantages of a regional food supply chain, advocated in the light of the discovery of toxic phenylbutazone residues

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. As a search of medical abstracts reveals advice that there should be zero tolerance of bute residues, the 2002 Look to the Local report by former MEP Caroline Lucas, LWM co-founder Colin Hines and beef farmer Michael Hart (opposite) comes to mind. It deplores farmers turning to export meat because supermarkets buy cheaper meat from countries with low wages, […]