We’re looking for new people to get actively involved in maximising the impact of Localise West Midlands and its ideas.

For 11 years LWM has been working towards a more just and sustainable economy through localising ownership, supply chains and decision-making. Recently both the external economic/political climate and our own achievements have strengthened our sense of the role we can play in and beyond the region.  We have the strengths of:

  • a clear economic concept that progresses social justice and sustainability – and is inspirational, positive and timely.
  • an excellent body of work in Mainstreaming CED on which to base further work
  • good contributions as consultancy and thinktank to the local sustainable economy agenda particularly in energy retrofit
  • a commitment to strengthening the collective voice for a better economy in the UK
  • Committed and skilled people: coordinator, associates and board.

But as a very small organisation we need to increase the capacity & skills we have to take this forward, and our cultural, gender and age diversity with the perspectives these bring.

Might this be you?

We’re looking for new people who can bring these attributes: people who are not only committed to our aims but who have the capacity and skills to help translate this commitment into deliverable strategy and new opportunities.

What we’ll be asking of you

So we are seeking around four people to work with us to freely explore how to maximise what the LWM concept has to offer – the best way for us to change livelihoods and futures – and to work with the coordinator and chair in making this happen.  This will likely involve four quarterly meetings and progressing some work between these with the coordinator. The LWM board will oversee, advise on progress and remain accountable, but allow the group to develop its own ideas.

In the combined group of new active members we are looking for:

Commitment to the concept and values of LWM
The capacity to translate this commitment into deliverable, effective activity
Experience of the tactics and approaches of effecting change; communications expertise
Current knowledge of relevant opportunities and resources for LWM’s agenda
Increased diversity, particularly:

  • Younger people (below 45!)
  • Women
  • Different cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds
Charitable funding and financial strategy expertise
Recent experience and contacts in the following environments and sectors:

  • WM local authorities and/or LEPs outside Birmingham
  • Private sector
  • Community activism and engagement
  • Media
  • Academics

We also hope that some of these new members will go on to become LWM Board members. Click here for a board member role description and skills profile.  During the year we will start to integrate into the board any new members who are interested and who meet the recruitment criteria.

For more information on our activities and approaches, browse the rest of our website, particularly our Mainstreaming Community Economic Development project and the Localising Prosperity webpages which we see as the likely basis of our future strategy.

If you are interested:

Please email us outlining how you meet the above criteria and why you are interested in getting involved, and attaching your CV. We will then contact you for a phone or face-to-face interview and invite you to an initial meeting with other new and existing LWM members. You will also be invited to meet with the existing board.