Archived publications

Below are links to LWM activities and publications from 2002- 2012. For our more recent work, please see our publications page or our current activities.


Birmingham Procurement 2009-9 – the Sustainable Procurement Compact and other BeBirmingham Sustainable Procurement

Fair Deal Awards: a positive awareness raising campaign for “UK fair trade”, highlighting good practice in paying suppliers a fair price. An old campaign but sadly still relevant today.

Supporting the European Food Declaration

Progressing a Better Economy -LWM’s 10th anniversary speaker event 18th Oct

Reform of the Bank of England

Impact of a new retail development on Shirley, West Midlands, 2006

What do West Midlands parliamentary candidates think about decentralising political and economic power?

Sustainability and Resilience for Herefordshire – planning workshops 2011

Community Land Trust training – and Digbeth CLT – 2011

Level 4 Courses on Local Food and Engaging Communities in Climate Change for Aston University’s Lifelong Learning Centre

Course on Growing Low Carbon Communities

Extending Localisation – a research project into regional good practice

Making Government work for local Communities – a paper on decentralisation by Jon Morris & George Morran (2007) and its summary: Political and administrative decentralisation (2007)

Decentralised Energy for Birmingham 2007

Local finance for social housing 2004

Even earlier LWM activities

Localism & local economic development

The Localism agenda (2011)

Local Enterprise Partnerships – guiding principles for supporting local economic renewal (2011)

Extending Localisation – 2010

Introduction to Extending Localisation
Extending Localisation – Food
Extending Localisation – Retail


New Heart of Shirley? An independent retail and community impact assessment

BeBirmingham sustainable procurement projects:

Sustainable procurement compact 2008
Full report: Developing Sustainable Procurement in Birmingham 2007
Summary: Making Procurement Work for a Sustainable Birmingham 2007


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