Smethwick Hospital

Unlocking Social and Economic Innovation Together

Localise West Midlands has been working with others to help maximise the local economic impact of the new hospital being built on the Birmingham/Sandwell border since its Mainstreaming Community Economic Development work in 2013.

We contributed to the work of Right Care Right Here, featuring this in a case study on the Localising Prosperity website.

We’re now contributing to this agenda through a European funded project called USE-IT (Unlocking Social and Economic Innovation Together). Funded by the Urban Innovative Actions fund, the project has public, voluntary and academic sector partners and is built around the idea of linking macro assets with micro assets in the community.

It involves working with people in the community to support them in their journeys to better education, better jobs, new skills and healthier lives, enabling them to co-create their own space and play a leading role in the changing environment.

The ideas currently being investigated are an international food market at the new hospital ground, new shops, cafes as well as art, sport, health and wellbeing enterprises and many other businesses that can be located around the new hospital and the new housing developments.

If you’re interested, contact Karen McCarthy for more information.